Price: $1,500

State: California
City: Chula Vista
Zip code: 91913
Type: Pets

I got Roxxy without deliberating my living situation and the time that she needed being the breed that she is. I have a small apartment and she needs much more space than that. I was way in over my head when I purchased her. I purchased her for $. Just looking for someone to take her soon while she is still a puppy and will get used to her new owner. She is up to date with all her shots, registered with AKC and has a microchip. She is 80% potty trained due to her lil drops she does from excitement, she is funny, she rolls on her back and kicks her feet in the air when throwing a tantrum when nobody will play with her or when she plays alone with her toys, and she listens to all of my basic commands.
(photos are from when I first got her till now)